Seeking the Face of God

By J. Daniel Day


This book is written for church-going people, written to have a conversation about worship. It's written to remind us of just one thing: Worship is about God. It isn't about selling God. It isn't about being inspired by God-referencing programs. It's not even about "experiencing" God. Worship is about God. Period. It takes only four words to state this. For many readers this assertion will be easy to affirm-it seems so obvious. But, as is frequently the case, the obvious isn't always clear.




African American Management Handbook


By Floyd H. Flake


Highly regarded pastor Floyd Flake; his wife, co-pastor, author, Elaine Flake; and church chief financial officer Edwin Reed offer a design based on key needs in the black church, and their experience at one of the nation's most respected and largest black churches, Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in New York. This unique, detailed, and thorough resource for black churches of any denomination covers virtually all aspects of church management from the theoretical and theological to the practical "nuts and bolts" of church administration. The authors include a special section offering principles for economic development, an area in which Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral has experienced extraordinary success. The African American Church Management Handbook is sure to find a permanent place on the desks of African American pastors, seminarians, and church leaders for many years to come.


Church Administration in the Black Perspective

By Floyd Massey Jr. and Samuel McKinney

African American pastors through the years have looked to this informational guide as a source for details on church structure, management, and organization. This resource addresses the particular needs of the pastor and church staff who have been charged with the responsibilities of administration in the black church context. Not only does this revised edition feature updated language, but it also includes fresh information in such areas as budgeting and the use of modern technology. The authors supply detailed information on creating a church budget, and discuss the role websites, computer technology, and cable access television can play in helping churches to carry out their mission. The book includes guidelines for effectively organizing church boards and committees, as well as details pertaining to overall church structure.


Church Administration Handbook

By Bruce Powers

“The needs of people and churches have continued to change, with questions now being raised about the quality of congregational life, nature of leadership, and responsibility for ministry among all believers . . . As we have prepared this edition, we have sought to address five primary needs. 

1. Leadership skills and administrative tools that can be adapted for use in a variety of contexts from traditional to contemporary, from rural to urban, and from uni cultural to multicultural settings;
2. Spiritual formation that relates to all of life (from birth to death);
3. Mission consciousness (in community, regionally, nationally, and globally);
4. Ministry of all believers (particularly calling out and equipping vocational, bi-vocational, and lay ministers); and
5. Leadership competence (the ability to inspire, motivate, and equip the saints for the work of ministry).”