President                                    Trustee Tom Maye
 1st Vice President                     Trustee Ivory Murphy 
 2nd Vice-President                   Bro Alphonso Battle
 3rd Vice-President                            "Vacant"
 4th Vice-President                    Deacon Willie Coley
 Recording Secretary                 Bro Benjamin Johnson
 Assist Recording Secretary              "Vacant"
 Treasurer                                    Bro Glenn Hardison, Sr.

Contact Information

(201) 424-2642 cell
(919) 358-5692 cell
(919) 273 - 7093

(919) 735 -9898
(919) 778 - 8821

Committee Leaders

  1st Vice President   -  Chairman Membership Committee

  2nd Vice President – Chairman Program Committee

  3rd Vice President  - Chairman Social Committee

  4th Vice President  - Chairman Worship Committee



 To enlist and coordinate the man power of the congregation. To cultivate the Christian life of 
 the Layman thought study, worship, fellowship and service.

 When we meet

 Men of all ages getting together for food, fun and fellowship at 8:00 am in the 
 church fellowship hall. 

Annual Events

  Men Day

  Black History Program

  Bi-Annual Clean-up (Feb and Oct)