Members of Deacons Board

  Stephen Brinson, Sr.
  Willie N. Coley
  Donald R. Ebron
  Bobby l. Edwards
  Dalva Fleming
  Joseph Glenn
  William Jenkins
  Reginald E. Price
  George E. Sherrod

Points of Contact

  Chairman                   Dalva E. Fleming
  Vice Chairman
  Secretary                   Bobby L. Edwards

Deacons meet Tuesday before second Saturday at 6:00 pm


Deacon Emeritus is an honorary title conveyed by a governing board upon a former deacon of  an institution to recognize exemplary service.

Deacon Emeritus

 John H. Dunn, Jr. - 16 years of service

 Inactive Deacon is a deacon, in accordance with church By-Laws, that is no longer active.

 Stephen Baker

 Alfonza E. Edwards

More information to come! - 2020