The Best Grove Missionary Baptist Church       “Alumni Scholarship Fund

 At Best Grove we believe we are to cultivate a heart of generosity no matter how much you have and see what God does.

 Best Grove has a vested interest in helping our members by providing scholarships. Best Grove’s scholarships exist to help members of the church attend college/university and technical schools to achieve their educational goals.

 The Best Grove Church, like many other scholarship providers, give scholarship money to students we think will grow to become productive members of society and their organization.

 Best Grove is pleased to have former college/university, technical school graduates and military members wanting to give back to the church through the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

 With an enthusiastic approach to worship, it’s no surprise that Best Grove’s graduates and veterans are equally enthused about helping its students pursue of higher education.

 The Alumni Scholarship Fund will allow former students and veterans to give back to the church education fund, by one of the options listed below.

 Alumni Scholarship Fund Giving Options: