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(Rev Charles Franklin Facilitating)


Revelation Chapter 6

Opening the Scroll


It is a very humbling task to attempt to interpret a Heavenly vision giving to a Servant of God nearly two thousand years ago.  But because the Lord told John to write it down, and it has become part of the New Testament message to the Church of God, it becomes our responsibility to do just that. 

Chapter 6 starts the message contained in/on the scroll the Lamb takes from the hand of He who sits on the Throne. The Scroll’s message is not closed until the end of chapter 18 with the judgment of the “Great Whore.”  Many may say it ends at the close of chapter 19 with the judgement of Satan.  Either way, the scroll holds the judgements of Christ upon the World that rejected Him.  The time and length of this judgement is not clear.  Whether these things last a few years (Many say seven, as the great tribulation) or many years (two to three thousand, as awaiting the Lord’s return) is not clear to this teacher. 

My sincere caution for all students is to be patient and open. Don’t rush to judgement in your deliberations yet stay open to the fact that God can show you something in this study that He may reserve just for you.  I stand open to you as we proceed to listen to what you see, i.e. what the Lord is showing you.  For we all stand in that place where our exegetical work can be tainted by personal priorities.  No one is perfect.  Being so, the chance that each of our interpretations being limited by our own imperfections, is certain.  Where we don’t know, nor can we see, our action must be to remain silent and listen carefully, staying prayerful through the entire exercise.   

Never forget; this is a Spiritual depiction of events in Heaven acted out on earth.  God uses symbols well known to John and his audience.  Except by the Spirit, this Truth is inaccessible.

Let us proceed not chapter by chapter, but rather seal by seal of the scroll.

I attach a link that will take you to an outline of Revelation by Dr. J Vernon McGee on the Blue Letter Bible Classic Website.  It may prove very helpful in keeping your spatial and sequencing awareness as we proceed.



Chapter 6

This is first of three (seven-part) judgements of Seals (opened completely at chpt 8:1) Trumpets, and bowls.  With seven plagues contained in the Seventh Trumpet (chpt 15), just before the first Bowl (chpt 16).  


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Verse 1-2; Jesus opens the first seal:   One of the four living creatures; a Seraphim; (refer to the Mercy Seat that sat upon the Arc of the Covenant in the Tabernacle that the Lord instructed Moses to build) shouts with a voice like thunder; “Come.”  (Remember this call. It is key in the close of this Revelation).  John then sees a rider on a White Horse with a bow in his hands and a crown on his head.  He rides out as a conqueror bent on conquest.   Class discusses who is this?

Verse 3-4; Jesus opens the second seal:  A second Creature shouts “Come.” Then John beholds a rider on a Fiery Red Horse.  This rider has a great sword in his hand, and he has power to take peace from the world by causing mankind to kill one another.     Class discusses who is this?

Verse 5-6; Jesus opens the third seal:  A third Creature shouts “Come.” Then John beholds a rider on Black Horse. This rider has a pair of scales in his hand, and his power was in context with commerce and trade; according to a voice that chimes out from among the four creatures.  (economic instability or collapse?)  Class discusses who is this?  What meanest this?

Verse 7-8; Jesus opens the fourth seal:  A fourth Creature shouts “Come.” Then John beholds a rider on a Black Horse.  His name is “Death and Hades followed behind him. He kills a fourth of the earth by sword, famine, plague, and wild animals.


May the Lord Bless the readers and the doers of this prophecy (Rev 22:7)